July 14, 2017

Artist Song Album
Codename: Carter perfect clarity, perfect cut continental magazine #24
the Sea Turtles slippery flippers continental magazine #18
The Space Cossacks Red Sunrise Interstellar Stomp
Les Fantomes Cafard EP Collection
Cave 4 Boulevard Patrol Krautsurf
Longboard Ranch Re-Entry Surfin’ Out West
Laika & the Cosmonauts Note Crisis Instruments of Terror
Angie and the Citations Headache Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
Surfpatrouille Melodie Für Angst Instronaut
The Krontjong Devils Malaguena Surfin’ Sounds Of…
The Incredible Catheads The Moonlight Ride (s/t)
The Beatles Cry For a Shadow single
Aloha Screwdriver Double Barrel KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands
The Deadbeats Ichabob Crane KFJC Presents Combo Swell
The Royal Batfangs Bulldog Surfin’ Los Tsunami
Southern Culture on the Skids Wheels Girlfight
Watang! Siam Cat Miss Wang
Tiger Waves In Your Head netbloc vol. 50

July 7, 2017

Artist Song Album
Messer Chups Hexe Chips Russkie Wig-Out
Los Straitjackets Checkout Time What’s So Funny About Peace, Love And Los Straitjackets
The Apaches The Lawmen Musica Surfica vol III & IV
The Surfaris Teen Beat Surfer Joe
Marshall and the Martins Mulliwuppi Budamba
The Incredible Catheads Lobster Dance Double Singles Release no. 1
The Sting Rays One Mo’ Gin Surf-Age Nuggets
The Madeira Caravela Ancient Winds
Coffin Daggers Uprising Aggravatin’ Rythms
The Phantom Surfers Banzai Run Cowabunga 4
The Torquettes (Who’s Got the) Tortillas Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Whys A Live Track Live at Purple Orchid
The Volcanos Custom Cruiser Finish Line Fever
The Kanaloas Shark Attack Quasimoto Stomp
The Space Cossacks Moroccan Adventures Interstellar Stomp
Surfpatrouille Melodie für Angst Instronaut
The Astroglides The Man With the Golden Reverb single
Les Fantomes Le Grand Depart EP Collection
Various Artists The Ramones – Rockaway Beach Summer Jams Mix