Featured Band: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard transforms themselves on every release. This new one leans hard rock / hard surf, and is great for a Saturday night drive.

Featured band: The Garrys

If Ed Sullivan and The Shangri-Las went on a date, they would dance to The Garrys. Blood harmony surf garage on moooorphine.

“Warm Buds” is their debut album.

March 30, 2018

Artist Track Album
Los Banditos Strasse Ins Nirgendwo Collected Works
The Papaya Kings Mr. Ed Don’t Fear the Reverb
Monterreys Malaguena (S/T)
Moonfrog & Drumsdick Thunderfrog! Surfguitar101.com 2013
Yuzo Kayama and the Launchers Kimi da Suki Dakara (S/T)
The Aqua Velvets Surfmania Radio Waves
The Shadows Theme for Young Lovers Shadows are Go!
Tandems The Rising Surf Lost Legends I
The Challengers Collision Course Killer Surf
The Meadowhawks Marabunta Guitar Mania 1
The Jumping Jewels Africa Guitar Mania 1
The Mustangs Juokse Sina Humma Guitar Mania 1
Los Indonesios Gitana De Rock N Roll Methode
Tha Mustangs Escape Tittyshaker from India
Krontjong Devils Shish Kebab Surfin Sounds
The Phantom Four Point Bristo Madhur
Los Twang! Marvels Samba Estrella Prueba de Fuego
The Surfin Lungs 97XF11 Full Petal Jacket
Los Saicos Demolocion Demolocion
Sonic Surf City Little Honda Tune In Turn Out

March 23, 2018 – The No Internet Edition

Artist Track Album
The Surfacers The Russians Continental #11
The Bomboras Hot Line Head Shrinkin’ Fun
Messer Chups Surf de L’amore
Taste the Blood of Guitaracula
The Space Cossacks Red Sunrise Never Mind the Bolsheviks
El Ray Pulling G’s US vs EU
Dragstrip MK-Ultra Reaction Time
Ron De Voo Pipeline “66” Surf Age Nuggets
The Nep-Tunes Last Tide Surfer’s Holiday
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys Rising Guitar Nippon Guitars
Atomic Mosquitos Hank Scorpio US vs EU
The Concaves Red Triangle Alive from the Red Triangle
The Crossfires Silver Bullet Out of Control
The Prodigals X Ray Man Surfin’ the Spillway
Kriptons Billy Boom Pebbles vol. 3
Doctor Legume et Les Surfwerk Madchen mit Rum Outerspace Spaghetti Sound
Die Sputniks Sputnik Themea (s/t)
Rebeides Murder by Contract Pebbles vol. 3
Los Banditos Mit Jesus durch St. Petersburg Beat Odyssee
Laika & the Cosmonauts Boris the Conductor Absurdistan

March 16, 2018

Artist Track Album
The Original Surfaris Surf’s Up Lost Legends I
The Torquays Ding Return Engagement
Whys Satsujin Taiyo KFJC Combo Swell
The Trade Winds New York’s a Lonely Town Cowabunga 3
Astronauts Linda Lou Astronauts Orbit Kampus
Bomboras Project Zero Head Shrinkin’ Fun
The Jokers Song of Delilah Song of Delilah
the Mel-Tones Villa of Mysteries Surf Sensation
The Space Cossacks Solaris Stomp Interstellar Stomp
The Space Cossacks Bombora Never Mind the Bolsheviks
The Vibrants Don’t Stop The Exotic Guitar Sounds Of..
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Pl… Aunts Invasion Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham
427 The Stingray Shuffle No 1 Continental 23
Southern Culture on the Skids The Wet Spot Mojo Box
The Crossfires Fiberglass Jungle Out of Control
Surf Trio Beach Genius Moxie and More
The Shadows Tales of a Raggy Tramline Shadows are Go!

March 2, 2018

Artist Track Album
Satan’s Pilgrims If You Wanna Plymouth Rock
The Bomboras Mile Zero head shrinkin’ fun
Bombón Somebody Told Me A Date With Bombón
Bamboogie Injections Dandelion Wine Wild Dandelion Stomping
Memphis Mike & The Legendar… Selena North Coast Kicks
Los Tikinautas Botas Polvorientas Instro Surf del Espacio Ext…
The Crossfires Out of Control Out of Control
The AmpFibians Enigma of the Deep Enigma Of The Deep
Terremotor Surfway (s/t)
Impala Ltd A-Go-Go El Rancho Reverbo
Les Fantomes Twist 33 EP Collection
Man or Astro-Man? Destination Venus Destroy All Astromen!
The Madeira Farthest Shore Ancient Winds
The Incredible Catheads Why Surf Double Singles Release no. 2
The Breakers Dragstrip Reaction Time
Surfinger Surfin Los Tsunami Mondo Drums
The Dead Rocks Crash, Crash, and Crash Again International Brazilian Surfs

February 23, 2018

Artist Track Album
The Gamblers Moon Dawg 100 Greaest
The Anonymous Henchmen Wet Bandits Dial “H” for Henchmen
The Enchanters 4 Like Tuff Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
Marrell’s Marauders The Marauder Birth of Surf vol. 3
Rudi, OJ, and Ms. Marie Civilon SurfGuitar101.com 2016
The Krontjong Devils Magic Carpet ACTION!
Banboogie Injections Dandelion Wine Wild Dandelion Stomping
Link Wray Run Chicken Run Mr. Guitar
Messer Chups Ghost Party The Incredible Crocotiger
Surf Cinema Ricko Suave (s/t)
The Tornadoes Bumble Bee Stomp Beyond the Surf
Terremotor Agente Carburando (s/t)
Los Blue Marinos The Last Wave (s/t)
Indy Tumbita Love Boat Detective Bay Vibrations
The Tiki Creeps Curse of the Kona Idol Worship
Los Deformes Saturno 5 Saturno 5
The Papaya Kings Rippin’ Don’t Fear the Reverb
The Atlantics Somp on Stomp Now It’s Stomping Time