March 25, 2016

Artist Track Album
The Supersonicos Ticino Irrupcion en el Cosmos
The Papaya Kings The Goner Don’t Fear the Reverb
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys Sado Okesa Nippon Guitars
Pollo del Mar Johnny Foo: Ninja Chiropractor Live in Japan Town
Cougars The Rustler Instro Beat 28
The Ambassadors Surfin’ Joe Brown Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen
Los Cowabungas Maremoto Los Cowabungas Queremos Surf
The Crossfires Fiberglass Jungle Cowabunga 2
Alex Hoffman Life on the Reef Surfguitar101 2011
Bay of Pigs Wonderbread Woman Surfin’ Missile Crisis
The Space Cossacks War of the Worlds Interstellar Stomp
Kozyol Tico Tico (s/t)
The Blazers Bangalore Beach Classics
Bitch Boys David’s Quest US vs EU
Bradipos IV La Ultima Ola Surf Session
The Concussions Stiletto Continental 16
Laika & the Cosmonauts Floating Rock Don’t Run 1
Bongo King Buried Alive Double Bumble

March 18, 2016

Artist Track Album
The Crossfires Fiberglass Jungle Out of Control
Various Arists Don’t Be Angry Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll
The Kilaueas Universal Spy Wiki Waki Woo
The Bel-Tones Breaktime Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
Impala Anna Vienna Night Full of Sirens
Fabulous Planktones Book of Love American Graffiti Revisited
The Moon Riders Moon Riders Instro Mania!
The Eliminators Surf Sacrifice 100 Greatest Surf Rock Hits
Halibuts Grunion Run comp
The Aquatudes Aquatude Theme Radical Waves
The Space Cossacks Gunmetal Express Interstellar Stomp
The Vibrants Don’t Stop The Exotic Guitar Sounds Of
The Dead Rocks Crazy Race Rock One Million Dollar Surf Band
The Rockin’ Rebels Wild Weekend The Birth of Surf v. 2
Challengers Rampage Lost Legends III
Dave Myers and His Surf-Tones Gear! Lost Legends vol. I
Aki Aleong & the Nobels Body Surf Cowabunga 2
Ultras Magic Wand Surf-Pop-Sludge
The Torquays Sunset Cruise Return Engagement No Cover

March 11, 2016

Artist Track Album
Les Surfsonic’s Hawaii 5.0 (s/t)
The Dead Rocks Almondega Monsters Of Surf
Kozyol Once a Year (s/t)
Surfana Come As You Are Whatever
The Rascals Walk Don’t Run Instro Mania 1960 – 1966
Burt Rocket Boss Board Continental Mag #23
The Looney Tunes Band Sebastopol Stomp Modern Sounds of…
The Verbtones Ghost Wave 100 Greatest Surf Rock Hits
The Shockwave! She Bop Contact From Space
The Supersonicos Asbron El Eliminador Irrupcion en el Cosmos
The Original Checkmates Union Pacific Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen, & Spooks
The Syndicate of Surf Kokoro No Tokimeki Studio Surf Styles vol. 1
The Scarlets Stampede Strummin’ Mental vol.1
The Coconuts Thunderstorm a la Plague (s/t)
Messer Chups Crocotiger The Incredible Crocotiger
9th Wave Victory at Sunset Contiental 22
The Kilueas Fireboard Wiki Waki Woo
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Bennett Cerf Savvy Show Stoppers
The Biarritz Boys Agent Graves Monsters Of Surf
The Crossfires Fiberglass Jungle Out of Control

March 4, 2016

Artist Track Album
Little Pattie Surfin’ Time Again 100 greatest
Les Surfsonic’s Curl Rider (s/t)
TEAM VOID Love Hungry Mexican Bus
The Dragsters Dragster Beach Stoked
Coffin Daggers Kreepy Krawl Aggravatin’ Rhythms
The Atlantics Coral Island Now It’s Stomping Time
Surfana Heart Shaped Box Whatever
The Stingrays The Thing vol 3
The Moths Backwash To Hell With…
Various Arists B.C.K. Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll
Pixies Cecilia Ann Bossanova
Jan & Dean Honolulu Lulu 100 greatest
The Hang Ten Hangmen Shark Bait Destination Saturn
The Avengers VI Slaughter on 10th Ave Surf-Age Nuggets
The Shaking Boys Home on the Range * Instro Mania!
The Ventures Yellow Jacket Walk Don’t Run
The Crossfires Stay Around Out of Control
The Surfin’ Barmaids Bedlam Mexican Road
The Mel-Tones Surfin’ Natasha Surf Sensation
The Shadows Man of Mystery Shadows are Go!
The Del-Rios Storm Warning Continental #23