November 24, 2017

Artist Track Album
Da Surftones Pateras En El Estrecho The Girl Who Couldn’t Hula
The Lustre Kings Forbidden Planet Surfin’ the Spillway
Andy & the Live Wires Maggie Strictly Instrumental – vol 3
Fathoms Cerveza on dee Mesa Rock Don’t Run
The Looney Tunes Band Return of Moby Dick Modern Sounds Of…
Rake and the Surftones Run Don’t Walk Double Bumble
The Nematoads No Mr. Bond, I Expect You t… Continental #17
Chantays Pipeline Pipeline
The Sidemen Volo No. 1062 Continental #16
Bay of Pigs Revenge of the Sea Surfin’ Missile Crisis
The Surge! Ensenada 2016 coll…
Dee Jays Sunday Patrol Board Boogie
Aloha Screwdriver Eating, Drinking, and Killing KFJC Presents Combo Swell
The Wave Chargers Crossfire The Wave Chargers Strike Again
The Apaches Storm Warning Musica Surfica vol. I & II
Rondo Hatton Gale Force (s/t)
The Spectacles Party by Mary Instro-Mania
The AmpFibians Spanish Gold Spies in Love

November 17, 2017

Artist Track Album
The Del-Vipers Nova Terror of the Del-Vipers
The Surfaris Waikiki Run Wipe Out
The Papaya Kings On The Strip Don’t Fear The Reverb
Thee Jaguar Sharks Stingray Shark S/T
Horrorscope Big Ray & The Futuras Desolation Planet
The Vista IV Ocean West Killerwaves
The Space Cossacks Beyond the Third Star Tsar Wars
Ron Thompson and His Rowdy … Switchblade Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Supertones Walk Don’t Run ‘ 94 Ride The Wild Twang!
The Incredible Catheads Why Surf Double Single Release no. 2
Surfinger Mondo Drums Mondo Drums
King Pelican Cricket Radical Waves
Surf Trio Down I-5 Moxie and More
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Pl… Farbs Sport Fishin’
The Krontjong Devils Track 61 Presenting the Oetsound
The Treble Spankers Margaya Araban
Frankie & the Pool Boys Ewa on the Beach KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands
The Challengers Sidewalk Surfer Killer Surf
Laika & the Cosmonauts Surfs You Right Zero Gravity
Impala The Hearse Night Full of Sirens

November 10, 2017

Artist Track Album
The Tiki Creeps Dick Tiki Idol Worship
Wade, Laurie Cavaliers Cloudburst Board Boogie
The Kilaueas Surf Demon Wiki Waki Woo
The Tiki Creeps Dick Tiki Idol Worship
Man or Astroman? 9 Volt Live at the Doug Fir 2011
Holy Mountain Top Removers Monsieur Espionnage The Ones Disappearing
Los Straitjackets Challenger 64 The Further Adventures Of…
Surfinger Jack Rabbit Stew Mondo Drums
Les Surfsonic’s Hell’s Racer (s/t)
WJLP Rode Hard and Put Away Wet WJLP is Out of This World
Surfing Munsters Varado en la Riveria (s/t)
Dick Dale& The Deltones The Victor The Birth of Surf Vol. 3
Roy & the Royals Royal B Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Coconuts Bumba! (s/t)
The Other Timelines Theme from the Vellocat Con… Continental #24
Insect Surfers Polaris Reverb Sun
The AmpFibians Surf City It’s Alive!
VolcaniK Pumpkin’ at the Pines Continental #19
Team Void Here to There Robot Killer
Laika & the Cosmonauts Point of No Return Zero Gravity

November 3, 2017

Artist Track Album
Laika & the Cosmonauts C’mon do the Laika Zero Gravity
The Silhouettes Tornado Continental #15
Surfinger Tiki Torch Mondo Drums
The Motivations Motivate Surf-Age Nuggets
The Coffin Wheels Ghoulina Teaser Dance Wolfenfrank Goulina Affair
The Incredible Catheads The Sad Matador Double Single Release no. 2
The Weaseltones Ashes to Ashes Ziggy Played Surf Guitar
Beach Skulls Melted Slow Grind
R.E.M. White Tornado Dead Letter Office
The Men in Gray Suits Clickety Snarl Snar! Panic at the Pier
The Wander Ins Double Overhead KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands
The Bangles Bitchen Summer single
The Rumblers Boss Birth of Surf vol. 3
Dee Jays Sunday Patrol Board Boogie
The AmpFibians Wolf Whistle Enigma of the Deep
Hawaii Samurai Misirlou single