February 23, 2018

Artist Track Album
The Gamblers Moon Dawg 100 Greaest
The Anonymous Henchmen Wet Bandits Dial “H” for Henchmen
The Enchanters 4 Like Tuff Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
Marrell’s Marauders The Marauder Birth of Surf vol. 3
Rudi, OJ, and Ms. Marie Civilon SurfGuitar101.com 2016
The Krontjong Devils Magic Carpet ACTION!
Banboogie Injections Dandelion Wine Wild Dandelion Stomping
Link Wray Run Chicken Run Mr. Guitar
Messer Chups Ghost Party The Incredible Crocotiger
Surf Cinema Ricko Suave (s/t)
The Tornadoes Bumble Bee Stomp Beyond the Surf
Terremotor Agente Carburando (s/t)
Los Blue Marinos The Last Wave (s/t)
Indy Tumbita Love Boat Detective Bay Vibrations
The Tiki Creeps Curse of the Kona Idol Worship
Los Deformes Saturno 5 Saturno 5
The Papaya Kings Rippin’ Don’t Fear the Reverb
The Atlantics Somp on Stomp Now It’s Stomping Time

February 16, 2018

Artist Track Album
The Insanitisers Dark Eyes Rock Continental 25
The AmpFibians Wolf Whistle Enigma of the Deep
Chantays Tragic Wind Pipeline
WJLP Lifeguard WJLP is Out of This World
Billy Mure Guitars in Space Supersonic Guitars
The Syndicate of Surf Hodad Bossa Nova Studio Surf Styles vol. 1
Sunsets Windansea Board Boogie: Surf ‘n’ Twan…
Twang Gang Leapin’ Lizards North Coast Kicks
The Secret Samurai The Curse Zanshin
The Irradiates Caulerpa Taxifiolia Revenge of the Plants
The Aqua Velvets Snorkle Mask Replica Nomad
El Patapsco Tralfalmadore Continental 16
The Mermen Splashin’ With the Mermaids Krill Sippin’
Space Cossacks Black Sand Interstellar Stomp
Monsters From Mars Popcorn play some
the Mel-tones Astronomic Surf Sensation
The Atlantics Peter Gunn Now It’s Stomping Time
Bikini Atoll Beach Party Fez Paradox Continental 24

February 9, 2018

Artist Track Album
The Enchanters 4 Like Tuff Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
Satan’s Pilgrims Ben Tanaka Frankenstomp
The Novas Take 7 The Birth of Surf vol. 3
The Volcanics Vesuvian Continental Magazine #25
Jaffa De Luxe Going to Mexico Continental Magazine #10
Avalanche Bob Rock ‘n’ Roll to the Winter… High Power Snow Power!
Bombón Swedish Fish A Date With Bómbon
The Real Gone Elenor Rigby (s/t)
The Pistoleros New Material The Arrival of the Pistoleros
The Vydels Unknown Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
The Destroyers They Could Be Anywhere Diabolical!
Dee Jays Barbecue Board Boogie: Surf ‘n’ Twan…
The Buttertones Gravediggin’ Gravedigging
The Surfaris You Can’t Sit Down Wipe Out / Surfer Joe
Messer Chups Gloomy Boy Taste the Blood of Guitaracula
The Phantom Surfers Banzai Run Cowabunga 4
Surfinger Surfin’ Los Tsunami Mondo Drums
The Men in Gray Suits Clickety Snarl Snar! Panic at the Pier
Joy Boys Boots, Saddle, and Surfboard Board Boogie: Surf ‘n’ Twan…
Bay of Pigs Wonderbread Woman Surfin’ Missile Crisis
The Chantays El Conquistador Two Sides of the Chantays

February 2, 2018

Artist Track Album
The Tiki Tones The Island of Lost Souls Surf Monsters
Stingrays Don’t Fear the Reverb comp
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Pl… They Don’t Call them Chihua… Sport Fishin’
Fender IV Malibu Run 100 Greatest
Los Derrumbes Echo Rocket 88 US vs EU
The Astronauts Surf Party The Birth of Surf vol. 3
The Chantays Pipeline Pipeline
The Pistoleros Götlandsk Sommarnatt Arrival of the Pistoleros
The Surfdusters Peas Porridge Rock Better than Average Weekend
The Surfin’ Joes Joe Six-Pack Big Giant Head
The Treasures Minor Chaos The Birth of Surf vol. 3
Frankie and the Pool Boys Dead Man Surfin’ The Adventures of Cap’n Coc…
The Ventures One Step Beyond (Fear) The Ventures in Space
The Madeira The Argonaut Ancient Winds
The Dynamics Later On Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
The Dangermen Moon Probe Continental Magazine #19
The Skull Surfers Penetration Boston Surf
The Mermen Scrambler live
The Phantom Four Savannah comp