Dick Dale is Amazing

What a show!

Dick Dale told stories, explained how to properly use a microphone, played around, and, most importantly, melted our faces!

It was great to see the King of the Surf Guitar still having fun and genuinely enjoying himself while playing songs he made famous all those years ago.

Besides his guitar, he played drums, sang, shouted, played the bass with drumsticks during the show. Unfortunately, the keyboard was not plugged in so he couldn’t play the “piano”, but that didn’t keep him from trying!

The man’s 79. He let us know that a few times…

May 20, 2016


Artist Track Album
Rondo Hatton Pedal Pusher (s/t)
The Papaya Kings Man or Mancini Don’t Fear the Reverb
The Looney Tunes Band Sebastopol Stomp Modern Sounds Of…
The Sentinals Exotic Surf Monsters
The Ventures Hang On Sloopy Where the Action Is
The Madeira Journey to the Center of the Surf Ancient Winds
The Delltones Surf Party Surf ‘n Stomp
Aqualads Barbara Ann American Graffiti Revisited
Jan & Dean Surf City Surf City
The Aqua Barons Salsa Picante Southeast Stompers
Bill Friel & the Fabulous Furys Fort Lauderdale USA Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Tikiyaki Orchestra Kono’s Revenge Continental 20
The Dillengers Sleepwalk Instro-Mania
The Shockwave! She Bop Contact From Space
The Busters Bust Out Birth of Surf vol 2
Retroactive Gamma Rays The Last Gamma Ray Continental 15
The Tornados The Inebriated Surfer Beyond the Surf
Dick Dale Nitro Fuel Mr. Eliminator

Friday the 13th Shred

Artist Track Album
The Sandblasters Aunt’s Invasion Better than the Average Weekend
This Machine Kills Robots War and Peace A Horrid Heart Still Beats…
The Daytonas Surfer’s Dead Bikini World
The Space Cossacks Planet of the Apes Interstellar Stomp
El Ray Hosanna Jesus Christ Surferstar
The Ventures No Trespassing Walk Don’t Run
Samurai Struck Bumble Bee Surf Fest 2006
Longboard Ranch Badlands Rider Surfin’ Out West
The Ghastly Ones Attack of Robot Atomico A-Haunting We Will Go-Go
Mighty Surf Lords Cut-n-Dry single
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans Touryanse Nippon Guitars
Susan & the Surftones Runaway American Graffiti Revisited
Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadáveras El Baile del Justiciero Green Cookie Records
Thurston Lava Tube I Am the Walrus single
The Tornadoes Moon Dawg Beyond the Surf
The Mobsmen Cicero Comet Scelerats Syndicate
Richie Allen & the Pacific Surfer Surf Man 100 Greatest
The Surfin’ Gorillas Surfin’ Gorilla single
Les Jaguars Melle Yeye single
Krontjong Devils Shish Kebab ACTION!

Graduated Surf

Artist Track Album
The Dragsters Radio Surf Stoked
The Sentinals Big Surf Surf Monsters
Man or Astro-Man The Miracle of Genuine Pyrex 1000x
The Space Cossacks Space Victory Theme Interstellar Stomp
Dick Dale Nitro Fuel Mr. Eliminator
Looney Tunes Band Wild Action Modern Sounds Of…
The Krontjong Devils Long Ride Surfin’ Sounds Of
Frankie and the Pool Boys Dead Man Surfin’ The Adventures of Cap’n Coconuts
Surfana Dumb Whatever
the Mel-Tones Astronomic Surf Sensation
The Vibrants Let’s Go to Hawai’i The Exotic Guitar Sounds Of
The Motivations The Birds Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
The Crossfires Pull Top Out of Control
The AmpFibians Shark Bait The Surf Guitar Heard ‘Round the World
The Astronauts The Hearse WFMU comp
The Woggles Theme from The Vindicators Tempo Tantrum
El Ray Pulling G’s US vs EU
The Trashmen New Generation Tube City
Professor Schmiddy Outbound Surfin’ the Spillway
The Tornadoes Who Was That?!?! Beyond the Surf
The High Fidelics Midnight Requisition (s/t)
Bradipos IV Reverb Gang Surf Session
The Checkmates Checkmate Strummin’ Mental vol. 2