September 30, 2016

Artist Track Album
The Eliminators Surfin’ Spies Unleashed
Go! Tsunami Curse of the Flying Spider Monkey New Wave Order
Insect Surfers Plankton Dance Infra-Green
Impala Anna Vienna El Ranco Reverbo
Fathoms Cerveza on Des Mesa Rock Don’t Run 1
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Plastics for 500, Bob Sport Fishin’
The Pistoleros Rodriques The Arrival of the Pistoleros
The Tremolo Beer Gut Junkie Tools Continental #16
Man or Astro-Man? Espanto del Futuro Destroy All Astromen!
The Papaya Kings Rippin’ Don’t Fear the Reverb
Atomic Mosquitos Toxic Train Release the Mosquitos!
The Ventures Little Bit of Action Where the Action Is
The Mermen Hammer Head Krill Sippin’
The Atlantics Bluebottles Bombora
the Mel-Tones Air Time II Surf Sensation
The El Caminos Gerugugu Reverb Explosion
Bill Friel Ft. Lauderdale USA Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
Slack Tone Glide Continental #11
The Madeira The Expedition Tribal Fires
The Road Runners Quasimoto Surf-Age Nuggets

Autumnal Surf – Sept. 23, 2016

Artist Track Album
Surf Trio Moment of Truth Moxie and More
The Looney Tunes Band Sunrise Surf The Modern Sounds Of…
Surfpatrouille Arrabiata Instronaut
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans Tsugaru Ekleki Bushi Nippon Guitars
The Atlantics Glassy Walls Bombora
The Krontjong Devils Moon Relay ACTION!
The Tornadoes Tornado Beyond the Surf
The Chantays Tragic Wind Two Sides Of…
The Mel-Tones Carvin’ the Drift Surf Sensation
Daikaiju Choujikuu Mitsukai Phase 2
The Gamma Rays Infinity Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
Gray Goods Weak Link Golden Hour Box Set
The Space Cossacks Metsakukkia Never Mind The Bolsheviks
Achtung Rakete Greetings From Kanee-Ohee (s/t)
Nova Surfer Roboplanet single
Robert and the Roboters Zur See Beate
Spf-4 Seasick Continental #15
Sandals Endless Summer Theme Monster Summer Hits

Sept. 16, 2016

Artist Track Album
The Krontjong Devils Music to Watch Girls By Surfin’ Sounds Of…
The Space Cossacks Neutron Sabre Interstellar Stomp
WJLP Astronausea Astronausea
Martin Cilia Mrs. Moto Continental #21
Necronomikids A Mountain Walked or Stumbled Monsters of Surf
The Rondels On the Run Birth of Surf vol. 3
The Chantays Maybe Baby Two Sides of the Chantays
The Tomorrowmen Parsec’s Paradox Continental 24
East Coast Tremors Dr. Goldfoot Goes to Mexico EP Collection 2004-2005
The Avenger VI Mr. Lucky Let’s Go Surfside
Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks Amoxicilline Rider Outerspace Spaghetti Sounds
Go! Tsunami 40 Feet High and It Kills New Wave Order
The Dragsters Radio Surf Stoked
Impala Amarillo Night Full of Sirens
Insect Surfers El Diablo Habanero Infra Green
Lava Pups Lava Tube Hangin’ 11
Los Straitjackets Wild Weekend Deke Dickerson sings the Great Instrumental Hits
The Martian Denny Orchestra Yep! En El Espacio
Sandals Endless Summer Theme Monster Summer Hits

Tech-Free – Sept. 9, 2016

Artist Track Album
The Dragsters Gidget Shack / Devil’s Town Stoked
The Torquays The Other Side Surf-Age Nuggets
Team Void Sucker’s Lullabye Robot Killer
The Raybeats Big Black Sneakers Guitar Beat
Razorblade Let’s Go Down to Brighton Radical Waves
The Do-Its Blue Balls Surf Continental #24
The Chantays I’ll Be Back Someday Two Sides of the Chantays
The Looney Tunes Band Swingin’ Creeper Modern Sounds of The Looney Tunes Band
The AmpFibians Wolf Whistle Enigma of the Deep
Coffin Daggers Three Blue Stars Aggravatin’ Rhythms
The Motivations The Birds Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
The Dead Rocks Green Secret form Amazonia One Million Dollar Surf Band
The Nebulas Firewall Continental #11
The Surfin’ Barmaids Mexican Road Mexican Road
The Turbosonics Meat Slicer From Outer Space Tres Gatos Suave
The Coconuts Ride the Coconuts (s/t)
Messer Chups Curse of Stephen Kong The Incredible Crocotiger
The Del-Rios Storm Warning Continental #23

Sept. 2, 2016

Artist Track Album
The Surfites Space Coach Escapades in Space
Achtung Rakete Shadow Beach (s/t)
The Reverburritos Durn the Torpedoes Widget
The Plungers Workin’ Out the Kinks Surf Americana
The Raybeats Guitar Beat Guitar Beat
Thee Jaguar Sharks Sato’s Broken Heart (s/t)
The Dead Rocks Sonic Stars One Million Dollar Surf Band
The Ventures Action Plus Where the Action Is
The Madeira The Argonaut Ancient Winds
The Tomorrowmen Parsec’s Paradox Continental #24
Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake Brown Room Modern Surf Classics
Richie Allen & The Pacific Surfer Surf Man 100 Greatest
The Crossfires Out of Control Out of Control
Thurston Lava Tube I am the Walrus
Los Banditos Modul 45 Collected Works
The Treasures Minor Chaos The Birth of Surf vol. 3
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion Satan’s Invisible World Revealed Continental #22
The Sandblasters Aunt’s Invasion Better Than Average Weekend