April 29, 2016

Now with added REVERB!


Artist Track Album
The Beechwoods Watusi At Night Continental 18
Da Surftones Platja Nudista The Girl Who Couldn’t Hula
The Scavengers Curfue Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
The Challengers K-39 100 Greatest
Satan’s Pilgrims Surf Lyre Plymouth Rock
Insect Surfers Sea Scorpion Infra Green
The Dead Rocks Sonic Stars One Million Dollar Surf Band
The Tornadoes Bumble Bee Stomp Beyond the Surf
Kozyol Principal Slicer (s/t)
The Blue Rhythms Third Man Theme Instro Mania!
The Space Cossacks Tsunami Tsurprise Never Mind the Bolsheviks
The Trashmen Sleeper Surfin’ Bird
Buried Alive Bongo King Double Bumble
The Supertones A Taste of Honey Surf Fever 2000
Z & the Cloud Dragons Sedge Island Shred Radical Waves
The Ventures Raunchy Walk Don’t Run
The Dragsters Surfing with the Godz Stoked
Link Wray & The Wraymen Batman Theme Mr. Guitar
The Apaches The Fez Musica Surfica

April 22, 2016

Artist Track Album
Thee Phantom 5ive Hey Rock Don’t Run 1
Atomic Mosquitos Kid of Speed Release the Mosquitos!
The Space Cossacks The Crusher Tsar Wars
Belairs Volcanic Action Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV
The Looney Tunes Band Searchlights Modern Sounds Of…
Frankie & the Pool Boys Teke, Teke, Teke Continental #16
Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys The Clamour of the Sun Nippon Guitars
Al Casey The Hearse Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV
The Secret Samurai Turkish Gold Zanshin
Achtung Rakete Der Ritt auf dem Tsunami (s/t)
Mighty Surf Lords Curl Rider (s/t)
Barbacoa Northern Spy Surf Monsters
The Reverb Syndicate Last Train to Death Valley Junction Mondo Cacti
The Ventures No Trespassing Walk Don’t Run
Avenger VI None But the Brave Let’s Go Surfside
Doctor Legume et Les Surfwerks Raumpatrouille Surf Outerspace Spaghetti Sound
Drag Strip THX 1138 Reaction Time
Aqualads Washout Hangin’ 11

Tax Day Surf – April 15, 2016

Gotta pay the taxman…

Artist Track Album
The Syndicate of Surf Surf and Destroy Studio Surf Styles vol. 1
Team Void To Death Mexican Bus
The Royale Monarchs Surf’s Up! Follow That Munster!
Monterreys Zeta Reticuli (s/t)
The Looney Tunes Band Swingin’ Creeper Modern Sounds Of…
The Syndicate of Surf Surfbona Not Glue Studio Surf Styles vol. 2
The Royal Batfangs Peter Gunn Royal Surf
The Galaxies 6:15 Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
Jimmy & the Rackets Continental Twist Instro Mania 1960-1966
Los Banditos Strasse Ins Nirgendwo Collected Works
The Chantays Banzai Pipeline
Pollo Del Mar Annabelle Lee Live in Japan Town
The Retroliners Caught in the Undertow 100 Greatest Surf Rock Songs
The Man From Ravcon Moonlight Mountain Continental 18
The Gamma Rays Infinity Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Lions End of the Party Instro Mania 1960-1966
The Volcanos Brand New Board Finish Line Fever
The Ree-Gents Downshiftin’ Surf-Age Nuggets
The Shockwave! Take On Me Contact From Space
The Papaya Kings Rippin’ Don’t Fear the Reverb

April 8, 2016

Artist Track Album
Dick Dale Firing Up! Mr. Eliminator
The Shandels Stacked Nasty Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
The Dragsters Nitro Jungle Woodie Stoked
Joe Satriani Surfing With the Alien [By Request] Surfing With the Alien
The Surf Family All Night Long Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
Insect Surfers Pineapple Skies Infra Green
Ray Daytona & the Googoobombos Mojito Lounge Hangin’ 11
The Ventures Yellow Jacket Wal-Don’t Run
Mike Trem Smoking Barrel The Falling Tide EP
The Madeira Everybody Up! Sonic Cataclysm
Pyramids Pressure Lost Legends I
The Bomboras The Ninth Wave 100 Greatest Hits
Surf Trio Beach Genius Moxie and More
The Phantom Surfers Banzai Run Cowabunga 4
Robert Johnson & Pinchdrunks Something for Sophia Loren Fried on the Altar of Good Taste
The Dynamics Later On Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
Los Banditos Mit Jesus durch St. Petersburg Beat Odyssee
The Rivingtons Papa Oom Mow Mow Monster Summer Hits
Les Jaguars Course au Bonheur single

The Weekend Suave – April 1, 2016

And special guest-host Collin!

Artist Track Album
The Anacondas Sacrifice Bad Buzz
Nova Surfer The Dying Earth single
Martin Denny Island of Dreams Exotica
Richard Cheese Keep ’em Separated The Sunny Side of the Moon
The Space Cossacks Moroccan Adventures Never Mind the Bolsheviks
The Ventures Love Goddess of Venus The Ventures in Space
Secret Samurai L’Ultimo Basamento Continental 16
The Boss Martians The Airline Broke My Surfboard The Jetway Sounds
Black Velvet Flag Instutionalized single
Looney Tunes Band Return of Moby Dick Modern Sounds Of…
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake Sets of Fire Modern Surf Classics
Timmy’s Organism Get Up, Get Out Heartless Heathen
Guantanamo Baywatch Massage My Taj Mahal Postcard from the Tar Pitz
Tijuana Panthers Redhead Girl Max Baker
The Surf Trio Surfin’ With the Mountain King Forbidden Sounds
Nebulas Ichabob Crane The Nebulas
Summer Salt Summer Salt Goin’ Native