April 14, 2017


Artist Song Album
The Supersonicos Los 100 Tentaculos Irrupcion en el Cosmos
Necronomikids A Mountain Walked or Stumbled Monsters of Surf
The Razorblades Anthem for the Beach Freaks Continental 24
Trivalve Rocke ‘n’ Loade KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands 5
Insect Surfers Space Park Drive Infra Green
The Berzerkers Mung Taco KFJC Presents Combo Swell
Pirato Ketchup Fukushima (Live at The Green Lantern) Live
Daikaiju Spiral Serpent Strike Monsters of Surf
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans Tsugaru Eleki Bushi Nippon Guitars
The Chantays Greenz Two Sides of the Chantays
Bradipos IV l’inseguimento Surf Session
Frankie & the Pool Boys Finito Bandito (s/t)
The High Five Revival Anxiety Attack Srufguitar101 2009
The Pyramids Pressure The Birth of Surf vol. 3
The Emeralds Earthquake Strummin’ Mental vol 3
Steve Rowe & the Furys Minor Chaos Surf Age Nuggets

April 7, 2017


Artist Song Album
Monsters From Mars Driving the Monkey to the Airport (s/t)
Los Kahunas 6g15 Continental #15
This Machine Kills Robots War and Peace A Horrid Heart Still Beats…
Johnny & the Volumes Blowout Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Pyramids Midnight Run The Birth of Surf vol. 2
The Tiki Creeps Dick Tiki Idol Worship
Pirato Ketchup Escape From Tridion Continental #18
Knuckel Dragger Tomahawk Evil Fuzz – A Davie Allan Tribute
Daikaiju Showdown in Shinjuku (s/t)
The Supersonicos Moon Patrol Irrupcion el el Cosmos
The Incredible Catheads Down the Line (s/t)
Gein and the Graverobbers Transylvania Songs in the Key of Evil
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion Satan’s Invisible World… Revealed! Continental #22
Messer Chups Hula Tikula Church of Reverb
Gladiators Istanbul Lost Legends of Surf Guitar III
The Kilaueas Vatican Commando 69 Wiki Waki Woo
Moms I’d Like to Surf Surf Blast Inferno Surf Cops Are Watching You
The Dragsters Nitro Jungle Woodie Stoked
Achtung Rakete Greetings From Kanee-Ohee (s/t)
Dick Dale The Victor King of the Surf Guitar

March 31, 2017


Artist Song Album
The Volcanoes San Andreas Fault Finish Line Fever
The Reefriders Wild Hook KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands 5
The Space Cossacks War of the Worlds Interstellar Stomp
Jonathan Richman Tandem Jump I, Jonathan
The Tomorrowmen Mercury in Retrograde Futourism
The Incredible Catheads The Big Day (s/t)
The Chantays Retaliation Two Sides of the Chantays
Angie & The Citations Headache Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
WLJP Astro Twist single
The Rumblers Boss The Birth Of Surf vol.3
Neptones Harlem by the Sea Better Than Average Weekend
The AmpFibians Little Savage Girl Enigma of the Deep
The Madeira Undercurrents Sonic Cataclysm
The Tornadoes The Swag Beyond the Surf
The Surfside IV Surfari Balad of the Tiki
The Tiki Creeps Mimosa Invaders From Beyond The Sound Of Surf
A-phonics Galaxia Mediterrani beat guitars
The Kilaueas Taste of Bikini Wiki Waki Woooo
Steve Rowe & The Furys Minor Chaos Surf-Age Nuggets
West Samoa Surfer League Point Zero Continental Magazine #21

March 24, 2017


Artist Song Album
The Incredible Catheads Watch Out for the Weekend Crowds (s/t)
The Astronauts Hot Doggin’ The Birth of Surf vol.2
Surfana Come As You Are Whatever
The Eliminators Moment of Truth Unleashed
The Dynamics Later On Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
Pollo del Mar Route 666 Live in Japan Town
some crazy dudes Popcorn salty and sweet
Messer Chups Saloon Bloodweiser Church of Reverb
Red Elvises Love Pipe Surfing in Siberia
The Bomboras Time Bomb Bikini World!
Achtung Rakete Der Ritt auf dem Tsunami (s/t)
The Skull Surfers Gushers Boston Surf
Les Agamemnonz Gigantomachine L’appel de la musique surf
DON’T I’m Not Ready to Leave Continental #17
Man or Astro-Man? A Mouthful of Exhaust Destroy All Astromen!
Die Sputniks Walk Don’t Run comp
The Martian Denny Orchestra On the Move En El Spacio
Impala Endsville El Rancho Reverbo

March 17, 2017

Artist Track Album
The Crossfires Out of Control Out of Control
Les Jaguars Guitare Jet comp
The Tornadoes Charge of the Tornadoes Beyond the Surf
The Kilaueas Space Module Wiki Waki Woo
The Looney Tunes Band Stampede Modern Sounds Of..
The Incredible Catheads On a Razor’s Edge (s/t)
Laika & the Cosmonauts Surfs You Right Zero Gravity
Man… or Astro-man? Taser Guns Mean Big Fun Your Weight on the Moon
The Orions Dado Beach comp
Glen Mooney Big Surf WFMU comp
The Fathoms Fathomless Bikini World!
The Bounty Hunters Echo Express Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
El Ray Pulling G’s US vs EU
The Shockwave! Space Glider Contact From Space
The Ventures Caravan Walk Don’t Run
Creepy Creeps Haunted Hops Vol. 3
Daikaiju Cock Lobster Cock Lobster
The Madeira Leviathan Ancient Winds

March 10, 2017

Artist Track Album
The Surfites Around the Galaxy Escapades in Space
The Secret Samurai Raskolinikov’s Reveng Zanshin
The Space Cossacks Moroccan Adventures Interstellar Stomp
The Papaya Kings On the Strip Don’t Fear the Reverb
Marshall and the Martins Mulliwuppi Bundamba
The Apaches Storm Warning Musica Surfica
The Chantays Scotch High’s The Birth of Surf vol. 3
The Madeira The Argonaut Ancient Winds
Insect Surfers Space Park Drive Infra Green
The Syndicate of Surf Kokoro No Tokimeki Studio Surf Styles
The Sir Finks The Ugly Surfer Us vs EU
Impala Anna Vienna Night Full of Sirens
Nova Surfer The Man Who Awoke single
Daikaiju Cock Lobster single
El Ray El Raynia uber alles A Surfin’ Journey to Atlantis

March 3, 2017

Artist Track Album
The Vistas Moon Relay Surf-Age Nuggets
Marshall and the Martins Budamba Budamba
Tsunamibots Short Term Internal Memory Failure The Crushing
Michael & The Majestics Midnight Runner Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Velvetones Static The Birth of Surf vol. 3
Los Banditos Strasse Ins Nirgenwo Collection
The Surf Bunnies Our Surfer Boys Surf Bunnies & Hot Rod Honeys
Jon & the Nightriders Suicide Bay History of Surf Music
Halibuts Grunion Run comp
The Reefriders Surfer’s Deal Radical Waves
The Enchanters 4 Like Tuff Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
This Machine Kills Robots Zug Island Hummer A Horrid Heart Still Beats
The Nep-Tunes Marauder Surfer’s Holiday
The Dead Rocks El Condor Pasa Intternational Brazilian Surfs
The Ventures War of the Satellites The Ventures in Space
The Catalinas Banzai Washout The Birth of Surf vol. 2
Thom Starr & the Galaxies Heatwave Lost Legends I
Menn Ian Fleming Theme Lost Legends I
The Cocktail Preachers Rudie Can’t Fail Charlie Does Surf

February 24, 2017

Artist Track Album
Ron Thompson & His Rowdy Guitar Switchblade Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
Sir Finks Jack the Ripper Instrumentals in the key of … BOSS
Pyramids Contact Lost Legends I
Laika & the Cosmonauts Surfs You Right comp
Gasolines Viva Link Wray Jungle Surfers
The Original Surfaris Moment of Truth The Birth of Surf vol. 3
Skinny Jimmy Stingray Hurricane Surf Continental Magazine #24
Angie & the Citations Headache Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
Rondo Hatton Little Ruby (s/t)
The Royal Batfangs It Ain’t Over until the Fat Lady Sings Ju Ju Cowabunga
King Pelican Cricket Radical Waves
Hawaii Samurai Surf Rider The Octopus Incident?
Dick Dale Gypsy Fire Calling Up Spirits
Pollo del Mar Teleport Live in Japan Town
The Madeira Cities of Gold Tribal Fires
The Tomorrowmen Parsec’s Paradox Futourism
The Tiki Creeps Bule Mist (of Bora Bora) Idol Worship

February 17, 2017

Artist Track Album
The Hollywoods Scramble Surf-Age Nuggets
Stingrays Don’t Fear the Reverb single
Wau y los Aaarghs!!! Momia Twist single
Marshall and the Martins Maxwin Bundamba
The Ventures The Fourth Dimension Ventures in Space
Frankie and the Poolboys Teke, Teke, Teke (s/t)
The Looney Tunes Band Searchlights Modern Sounds Of…
The Toads Morpheus Surf-Age Nuggets
The Kilaueas! Tunguska Blast Krautsurf
Frankie and the Pool Boys Paniolo The Adventures of Cap’n Coconuts
The Reverb Syndicate Return of the Angry Gentlemen Mondo Cacti
Fentones The Mexican Instro Beat
The Madeira Hail, Poseidon Ancient Winds
Surf Trio Space Thing Moxie and More
The Derangers Rio Sangre Continental 22
Messer Chups Black Saddle Church of Reverb
The Tornadoes The Tornado Beyond the Surf
Kill, Baby… Kill Duck and Cover Monsters of Surf!
The Vulcanes Cozimotto Surf-Age Nuggets

February 10, 2017

Artist Track Album
Longboard Ranch Behind the Wall Surfin’ Out West
The Apaches Grim Fandango Musica Surfica
The Coconuts Bumba! (s/t)
Samurai Struck Midnight Headlight Surf Fest 2006
Team Void Sock Hop Rumble Robot Killer
The Mel-Tones Surfin’ Natasha 100 Greatest
Davie Allen & the Arrows Missy and the Statue Skaterdater
Pollo del Mar Slaughter on Tenth Ave Live in Japan Town
The Wet Tones Lightning Strike Mucho Reverbo
Laika & the Cosmonauts Baja Zero Gravity
The Space Cossacks The Jewel of Duende Tsar Wars
Concussions Beach Ball Magic Fingers
Marshall and the Martins Weston Bundamba
Johnny & the Hurricanes Sheba Birth of Surf vol. 3
Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks Vixen Vampira La Planete Sauvage
Gein and the Graverobbers Brackish Ghoul Passion of the Anti-Christ
The Royal Batfangs It Ain’t Over until the Fat Lady Sings Cowabunga
Les Agamemnonz Grand Rapides De A a Z
Apemen Crash comp
Nu-Notes Fury Instro Beats