March 16, 2018

Artist Track Album
The Original Surfaris Surf’s Up Lost Legends I
The Torquays Ding Return Engagement
Whys Satsujin Taiyo KFJC Combo Swell
The Trade Winds New York’s a Lonely Town Cowabunga 3
Astronauts Linda Lou Astronauts Orbit Kampus
Bomboras Project Zero Head Shrinkin’ Fun
The Jokers Song of Delilah Song of Delilah
the Mel-Tones Villa of Mysteries Surf Sensation
The Space Cossacks Solaris Stomp Interstellar Stomp
The Space Cossacks Bombora Never Mind the Bolsheviks
The Vibrants Don’t Stop The Exotic Guitar Sounds Of..
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Pl… Aunts Invasion Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham
427 The Stingray Shuffle No 1 Continental 23
Southern Culture on the Skids The Wet Spot Mojo Box
The Crossfires Fiberglass Jungle Out of Control
Surf Trio Beach Genius Moxie and More
The Shadows Tales of a Raggy Tramline Shadows are Go!

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