Halloween Surf – October 31, 2014


Artist Song Album
The Madmen Haunted Boneyard Bash vol. 2
The Mel-Tones Villa of Mysteries Surf Sensation
Southern Culture on the Skids Werewolf 2 Halloween Hootenanny
The Royal Flairs One Pine Box Surf-Age Nuggets
Los Kabanos Gutsul Tarantula Boneyard Bash vol. 1
Jack and Jim Midnight Monster Hop Boneyard Bash vol. 2
Dead Barons Zombie Compromise Better than Average Weekend
Daikaiju Spiral Serpent Strike Monsters of Surf
The Mag Seven I Am the Werewolf Continental #21
The Fleshtones Ghoulman Confidential Mondo Zombie Boogaloo
Messer Chups Mobile Coffin Vamp Babes
The Dead Rocks Super Ant Monster International Brazilian Surfs
The Reverberators Terror Pipe Limbo Fury
Gein and the Graverobbers The Crypt Keepers Holiday Songs in the Key of Evil
Dick Dale Calling Up Spirits Calling Up Spirits
Coffin Wheels Surfer Jason Graveyard Sunrise Time
The Ghastly Ones Surfin’ Spooks Unearthed
Essex Cemetary Stomp Lost Legends I
Surfin’ Lungs Surfin’ Hearse Goin’ to Rockingham!

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