It’s really 2016?! – Jan 8, 2016

Artist Song Album
The Eliminators Johnny’s Noseride Unleashed
The Torquays Hodad Holiday Return Engagement No Cover
The Wrecks House Sleeper Cell Run Like Hell
The Emeralds Earthquake Strummin’ Mental vol. 3
The Trashmen Surfin’ Bird Surfin’ Bird
The Chantays Runaway Pipeline
The Shockwave! She Bop Contact With Space
Les Jaguars Guitare Jet Les Jaguars
The Hula Girls Hula! Hula! Bang! Bang! Hula! Hula! Bang! Bang!
Los Coronas Big Wave Riders
Surf Trio Surfin’ the Big Top Moxie and More
Bikini Men Maybe Baby American Graffiti Revisited
The Orions Always Clean and Fresh
Kill Baby Kill Stop off in Ridgeview 2014 Human Sounds
Bitch Boys Impenetrable Surf Illusions
Impala Penetration Night Full of Sirens
Messer Chups Jason Bond 0013 Bermuda 66

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