February Chill – Feb 26, 2016

Artist Track Album
Les Surfsonic’s Space Race (s/t)
The Ventures The Switch Walk Don’t Run
Laika & the Cosmonauts Floating Amazing Colossal Band
Team Void To Death Mexican Bus
The Krontjong Devils The Breeze and I Surfin’ Sounds Of…
Kozyol Harlem Nocturn (s/t)
Man or Astro-Man? The Miracle of Genuine Pyrex 1000x
The Supertones Stranger in Paradise SurfFever 2000
The Reekers Don’t Call Me Flyface Strummin’ Mental vol. 2
The Secret Samurai Zanshin Zanshin
Hawaii Samurai Shake ‘n’ Stomp The Octopus Incident
The Coconuts The Coconut (s/t)
The Syndicate of Surf El Toro Surf Studio Surf Styles vol. 1
Kahuna Kawentzmann Magic Fly single
Bay of Pigs Catsack Surfin’ Missile Crisis
East Coast Tremors 1996 EP Collection 2004-2005
The Surfdusters Beer Run Continental Magazine 19
Untamed Youth Pabst Blue Ribbon WFMU collection
The Taikonauts Secret Society Conspiration L’appel de la musique surf

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