The Weekend Suave – April 1, 2016

And special guest-host Collin!

Artist Track Album
The Anacondas Sacrifice Bad Buzz
Nova Surfer The Dying Earth single
Martin Denny Island of Dreams Exotica
Richard Cheese Keep ’em Separated The Sunny Side of the Moon
The Space Cossacks Moroccan Adventures Never Mind the Bolsheviks
The Ventures Love Goddess of Venus The Ventures in Space
Secret Samurai L’Ultimo Basamento Continental 16
The Boss Martians The Airline Broke My Surfboard The Jetway Sounds
Black Velvet Flag Instutionalized single
Looney Tunes Band Return of Moby Dick Modern Sounds Of…
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake Sets of Fire Modern Surf Classics
Timmy’s Organism Get Up, Get Out Heartless Heathen
Guantanamo Baywatch Massage My Taj Mahal Postcard from the Tar Pitz
Tijuana Panthers Redhead Girl Max Baker
The Surf Trio Surfin’ With the Mountain King Forbidden Sounds
Nebulas Ichabob Crane The Nebulas
Summer Salt Summer Salt Goin’ Native

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