April 22, 2016

Artist Track Album
Thee Phantom 5ive Hey Rock Don’t Run 1
Atomic Mosquitos Kid of Speed Release the Mosquitos!
The Space Cossacks The Crusher Tsar Wars
Belairs Volcanic Action Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV
The Looney Tunes Band Searchlights Modern Sounds Of…
Frankie & the Pool Boys Teke, Teke, Teke Continental #16
Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys The Clamour of the Sun Nippon Guitars
Al Casey The Hearse Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV
The Secret Samurai Turkish Gold Zanshin
Achtung Rakete Der Ritt auf dem Tsunami (s/t)
Mighty Surf Lords Curl Rider (s/t)
Barbacoa Northern Spy Surf Monsters
The Reverb Syndicate Last Train to Death Valley Junction Mondo Cacti
The Ventures No Trespassing Walk Don’t Run
Avenger VI None But the Brave Let’s Go Surfside
Doctor Legume et Les Surfwerks Raumpatrouille Surf Outerspace Spaghetti Sound
Drag Strip THX 1138 Reaction Time
Aqualads Washout Hangin’ 11

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