September 30, 2016

Artist Track Album
The Eliminators Surfin’ Spies Unleashed
Go! Tsunami Curse of the Flying Spider Monkey New Wave Order
Insect Surfers Plankton Dance Infra-Green
Impala Anna Vienna El Ranco Reverbo
Fathoms Cerveza on Des Mesa Rock Don’t Run 1
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Plastics for 500, Bob Sport Fishin’
The Pistoleros Rodriques The Arrival of the Pistoleros
The Tremolo Beer Gut Junkie Tools Continental #16
Man or Astro-Man? Espanto del Futuro Destroy All Astromen!
The Papaya Kings Rippin’ Don’t Fear the Reverb
Atomic Mosquitos Toxic Train Release the Mosquitos!
The Ventures Little Bit of Action Where the Action Is
The Mermen Hammer Head Krill Sippin’
The Atlantics Bluebottles Bombora
the Mel-Tones Air Time II Surf Sensation
The El Caminos Gerugugu Reverb Explosion
Bill Friel Ft. Lauderdale USA Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
Slack Tone Glide Continental #11
The Madeira The Expedition Tribal Fires
The Road Runners Quasimoto Surf-Age Nuggets

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