September 1, 2017

Artist Track Album
Second Surf Shooting the Pier 2016 comp
The Wander Ins Double Overhead KFJC Battle of the Surf Bands
The Revomatics Bikini Atoll Continental #24
The Gamma Rays Infinity Strummin’ Mental vol. 1
The Madeira Farthest Shore Ancient Winds
The Crossfires Out of Control Out of Control
The Woofers Ryan Seacrest Surfguitar101.c0m 2015 comp
Les Surfsonic’s Wipeout (s/t)
Playboys Sabre Dance Board Boogie
The Apaches The Lawmen Musica Surfica vol. III & IV
The Incredible Catheads Moonlight Ride (s/t)
Surfinger Tiki Torch Mondo Drums
Rondo Hatton Chiqhuahuac Point (s/t)
The Lively Ones High Tide The Birth of Surf, vol. 2
Surfinn’ Barmaids Clap Beach Mexican Road
Messer Chups War Party The Incredible Crocotiger
Takeshi Terauchi and Blue J… Sa No Sa Nippon Guitars
The Shadows Man of Mystery Shadows Are Go!
The Kilaueas Cosma Ray Wiki Waki Woo
Laika & the Cosmonauts Endless Summer Instruments of Terror
The Torquays The Other Side Surf-Age Nuggets

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